00oneliners Oneliner patches - small patches for various projects, one to few lines.
OpenSSH-sshd-showversion: shows version of OpenSSL library sshd is linked with
aircrack-ng aircrack-ng airdecap-ng stdio patch - Patch for airdecap-ng from aircrack-ng-0.7 and aircrack-ng-0.9.1 to add ability to act as a pipe
atd atd 3.1.8 enhanced mail and atq functionality, attime, symlink hack - Add option to set mail subject at at-set time. Add possibility to see subject and command in atq. Add command for converting at-friendly relative times to absolute date/time representation. Add option to use symlink() instead of link(), which causes problems with grsecurity patch.
coreutils Coreutils 5.0 patches - Add option to "ls" to force grouping digits for file sizes.
fastforward FastForward 0.51 Wildcard Patch - A small modification of D.J. Bernstein's "fastforward" for handling of qmail aliases, allowing "wildcard" aliases.
gnubarcode GNU/Barcode raw barcode output - Adds option for raw barcode output (just the sequence of black/white stripes and their widths) for a rendering front-end, allowing using it as a code generating module.
ipop3d ipop3d last login logger - Logs time of last access as a touched file in a filesystem.
kernel Linux kernel patches - Various useful patches collected and ported to newer kernels
lsusb lsusb 0.73 enhanced short output - Adds options for for the short list to show internal devices' vendor, name, and serial number
netcat Netcat 1.10 Patch - support for HTTPS proxies, SSL, Blowfish for both TCP and UDP, SSL deferred handshake, UDP broadcast, actasserver, exec-with-parameters, and more
picocom-1.4 picocom-1.4 CR/LF translate patch - Patch for picocom to add ability to translate outgoing CR to LF and incoming LF to CRLF
pine Smarter indexing in Pine - Modifies the way how pine displays From and Date fields in the message index.
qmail qmail SSL/DH patch, MessageID-randomizer -
One patch adds support for Diffie-Hellman cipher suites for qmail TLS patch, which uses session keys.
Another patch randomizes Message-ID: headers when they are added by the MTA, which replaces server name and date with random numbers.
speakfreely SpeakFreely sfParanoidPatch - Set of enhancements of crypto key handlings for unix version of SpeakFreely, and for binding the UDP socket to specific source port.
sulogin sulogin 2.85 NoRootPassword patch - Add options to not prompt for root password and to show a banner file.
tcpdump tcpdump DropRoot, tcpdump ForceLineFlush - Update of Jarno Huuskonen's drop-root patch for 3.6.1 to 3.7.2
Patch for 3.8.3 to flush output buffer after each line sent