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Mod - DS1052D probe holders


The Rigol DS1052D is a handy portable oscilloscope. However constant disconnecting, packing, unpacking, and connecting of the probes takes toll on both the connectors (minor) and the operator's patience (major). Leaving the probes attached leads to their wires becoming tangled with each other, themselves, and everything around. A simple way to hold the cables and probes in place during transport and storage was desired.

The scope was already modified with a quieter fan. The experiences with how does it look inside were reused.


The scope has an internal metal chassis and an external plastic shell. The shell can be removed and has convenient airflow holes. These can be used for attaching other things.

Cable holder

To hold the unruly probe cables in place, four poles with flat heads were used. The poles were made from longer M3 screws and large washers.

The head of the pole was made by placing a large washer with a 4mm hole on the countersunk-head screw, and securing it in place with a serrated-flange nut. (Other assemblies are also possible, this one was just convenient.)

The end of the pole was secured to the cutout in the scope chassis, using a pair of washers on each side to spread the load to larger area. A regular nut was used on one side as a lock-nut, a nylon-lock nut was used on the inside of the scope chassis.

Cable holder, outside

Cable holder, inside

Cable holder, parts

Cable holder on assembled scope

Cable holder with probes

Cable holder with probes

Probe holder

It turned out that while the cable holder is convenient, the storage of the probes leaves much to be desired - entangling them into the cables was usable but not optimal.

A piece of plastic, the part used for mounting pairs of water pipes on the wall or the surface of something else, was purchased in retail. The thread already present inside was ignored (it was too high diameter and drilling holes into the scope chassis would be needed) and a countersunk-head M3 screw was used instead. A nylon-lock nut was used on the inner side of the chassis.

The probes now can be placed into the cutout in the holder, slid back a bit and rotated; the 1x/10x selector will gently hold them in place, while the setting will be enforced to stay at the 10x position, lowering the probability of accidental setting to 1x and possibly damaging the scope.

Pipe holder

Probe holder from side

Probe holder from top

Probe holder with probes

Probe holder with probes

Probe holder with probes

Probe and cable holder in use

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